Brookelyn Bellinger

Brookelyn was awarded a $5,000 grant from the
Rasmusson Foundation for her film work!

The Mount Marathon Experience was broadcast on
AlaskaOne TV on July 1, 2010!  Order your copy of
the film today at
The Mount Marathon Experience

Alaska’s favorite extreme mountain race comes to life in this documentary that explores the attraction of this legendary race.
Experience the race like you’ve never seen it before. Climb 3,022 feet with 71 year-old “Ultra GeezerJock of the Year” Jerre Wills of
Homer, AK as he attempts to beat his record setting pace from the year before. Follow on the heels of ordinary folk and elite athletes
as they crawl up the 35-60 degree slope then fly down the other side at break-neck speeds through rock, shale, snow and a creek.
Enjoy the thrills from your armchair as racers endure 3.1 miles of torture in what is the second oldest foot race in the country. Why do
they do it? How do they do it?

This might just be the craziest race around. And that’s just how Alaskans like it.

 In 2005, Brookelyn ran extreme race
 Mount Marathon in Seward, Alaska  
 for the first time and thought,
 "Someone needs to film this!" The
 race takes place almost entirely on  
 the mountain while most spectators
 are along the streets in Seward-
 missing all the action! So she came
 back a few years later and gathered
 interviews and documented the race
 history, then filmed the race as she
 ran. The resulting documentary gives
 insight into this famous race and the
 people who run it. It's a must-see for
 future racers who want to see what
 it's really like.

 This dangerous race resulted in  
 serious injuries for two runners this
 year (2012). Tragically, another   
 runner disappeared on the race
 course and has never been found.

 The film can be ordered

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The Mount Marathon Experience- A Documentary by Brookelyn Bellinger
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