All About the Book
The Frozen Toe Guide to Real Alaskan Livin'
Learn how to Survive moose attacks, endless winters,
and life without indoor plumbing.
The Frozen Toe
Table of Contents
Brookelyn Bellinger
Thanks to the Alaska State Council on the Arts for their support of Brookelyn's work by awarding her a grant which
enabled her to meet with her publisher in Seattle.
Chapter 1:
Dreaming of Alaska; Go Your
Own Way

Chapter 2:
Finding Work; How to Really
Enjoy Alaska and Get Paid

Chapter 3:
Coffee, Carhartts, and Cabin
Living; How to
Be an Alaskan

Chapter 4:
Blazing Ball of Eye Poison; The
Bane and Blessing of the
Midnight Sun

Chapter 5:
Hot Tubs, Christmas Lights,
and Cable TV; Good Winter
Living for the Cabin Fever

Chapter 6:
Dumpster Diving, Bike Riding,
and Other Thrifty Ways for
Exciting Living

Chapter 7:
Forget About Bears; How to
Avoid a Moose Attack

Chapter 8:
Alaskan Treats and Eats; The
Wisdom of Fishing and
Homemade Wine

Chapter 9:
The Entertaining Alaskan; Art,
Music, Film, and Theatre in
The Last Frontier

Chapter 10:
True North; Everyday
Alaskans, Extraordinary Stories

Chapter 11:
Extreme Sports; Alaskans on
the Edge

Chapter 12:
From Road Hog to River Rat;
The Best Alaskan Destinations

Chapter 13:
Quiz; Are You a Real Alaskan?

Chapter 14:
Game; The Blue Tarp
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"This book is really a smorgasbord of equal
parts entertainment and information with
just a bit of crap mixed in."

Have you ever wanted to know what it's really like to live
in Alaska?  Here's your chance to get secret insider
information!  "The Frozen Toe Guide to Real Alaskan
Livin" is filled with the wacky and wonderful realities that
define Alaskan living.  There are no fluffy bears or listing
for cheap tourist T-shirts.  Here you will find outhouse
 races and giant vegetables, extreme racing athletes, and moose attack
survivors.  Here is advice on how to endure Alaska's brutal winters without
succumbing to constant inebriation, along with ideas for finding sleep under the
midnight sun and how to develop a fashionable coffee addiction.  You will also
find uniquely Alaskan recipes, like homemade cinnamon rose hip tea or cranberry
liqueur, and instructions for how to eat sea urchin roe on crackers.

And in case you were wondering, you will learn how to dress like an Alaskan.
(This is not always pretty.)  
And much, much more!

This book is for the Alaska curious, the Alaskan wanna-be, and the sourdoughs
who already call Alaska home.  
"A hilarious new guide to life in the north."
*The author guarantees
that if you don't like the
book, it will make decent
toilet paper.